VIP Viewing Experience

If you want the VIP Fireworks Viewing experience, a special viewing area is reserved on the east side of Porter Road for VIP Viewing Pass holders. In the Special VIP Viewing area you will enjoy a number of brand new ground based effects that the construction team has been designing and constructing for the past few months. These rather large special designs are worth the cost of the VIP Viewing ticket by themselves. These set pieces are created to go off and remain lighted closer to ground level, creating a graphic sometimes moving image with fireworks.

One our most notable features is the high quailty sound system used to corepgrah the fireworks with music. VIP pass holders will be able to enjoy the amazing pyrothechnics with an up close view for a rock concert like experience.

The Fireworks

Every year, Central PA 4th Fest develops a spectacular fireworks display to celebrate the birth of our country. 4th Fest’s fireworks show has been rated among the top five “Largest”, “Biggest”, and “Best 4th of July Fireworks” shows in the United States by various news publications and travel blogs.

The all volunteer pyrotechnics team has creates a unique, memorable show each summer, choreographed to music played on local radio station 99.5, The Bus. Planning for each show begins the prior fall, when the team selects from traditional patriotic songs, movie, TV, and show tunes, as well as popular selections played by big bands, jazz bands, rock bands, military bands, choirs, and orchestras and carefully matches them to the colorful explosions.

Each 4th Fest fireworks display includes 130-170 different shells with between 10,000–12,000 shells set off over the course of the 45-minute show. And don’t forget—you can always count on a BIG ending during the 4th Fest fireworks finale, which features a whopping average of 50 shells per second!